Trunnion Table

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Trunnion kit
Trunnion Table Kit alows you to mount the Modular Work Holding Plate to the Sherline Rotary on the Taig table. Price $135
Shipping in US $8.00

Modular Work Holding Plate
This is just the Modular Work Holding Plate no cams included. Also called a matrix plate. 182 10-32 tapped holes on 1/2 inch centers. 1/2"x 4" x 14" aluminum mounting surface precision ground cast plate for flatness. All tapped holes thread formed for maximum strength. Works with most mills including Sherline and Taig models.Price $60.00
Shipping in US $13.00

Horizontal Rotary Plate
Horizontal Rotary Adapter Plate can be used by itself on a MWHS01 14" plate or with a Trunion to make a 5th axis.included. Price $20
Shipping in US $8

Sherline Rotary Round Plate
Sherline Rotary Round Plate is used with a Sherline Rotary table for a 4th axis application or a 5th axis application. Price $40
Shipping in US $8